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Do you want to be able to defend yourself?
Could you defend your family or loved ones in an attack situation?
Do you want to learn Krav Maga Self Defence and get fit at the same time?
If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place!
Krav Maga Self Defence could save your life – find your nearest KMG Krav Maga club in the directory below and get started!

KMG – Krav Maga Ireland Directory


Location Phone Email/Website


HQ +353 87 2348332 www.kmgireland.net

Krav Maga – Clare

Ennis 085 7416852 dannydill@gmail.com
Shannon 085 7416852 dannydill@gmail.com

Krav Maga – Dublin

Rathcoole +353 87 2855250 www.krav-maga-ireland.com
Clondalkin +353 87 2855250 www.krav-maga-ireland.com
Tallaght +353 87 2855250 www.krav-maga-ireland.com
Lucan +353 87 2855250 www.krav-maga-ireland.com
Ongar +353 87 6787656 www.kravmagaacademy.ie
Ashtown +353 86 3948355 www.facebook.com/KravMagaDirect
Cabra +353 87 6787656 www.kravmagaacademy.ie
Pearse Street +353 86 3266243 www.facebook.com/Bravocombat
Blanchardstown +353 86 8112993 www.kmgd15.ie

Krav Maga – Galway

Galway +353 87 0659709 www.kravmaga-explode.com

Krav Maga – Laois

Portlaoise +353 86 8570008 midlandskravmaga@eircom.net

Krav Maga – Mayo

Ballyhaunis +353 86 0618126 tracy.cunnane@gmail.com
Castlebar +353 87 0659709 www.kravmaga-explode.com

Krav Maga – Meath

Ashbourne +353 87 2348332 www.integrityacademy.net

Krav Maga – Wicklow

Kilcoole +353 87 2601973 www.kmggreystones.com


What is Krav maga

Krav Maga is a practical and tactical self-defence system that teaches you how to prevent and deal with violent and aggressive attacks.  The system is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective forms of self-defence training in Ireland.  Techniques are based on natural instinctive movements, so are easy to learn & retain in a stressful, attack situation.

Developed in Israel under realistic demands and conditions, KMG (Krav Maga Global) training programmes include:

  • self-defense
  • self-protection
  • fighting and combat skills
  • 3rd party protection – defending others


KMG Krav Maga courses deliver professional Krav Maga instruction suitable for children, teens, women and men of all ages.  All KMG Ireland instructors are fully qualified, certified and insured and we are committed to teaching safe techniques in controlled environments.  As the teaching process is an essential part of Krav Maga, all instructors are required to update their methodology and training skills on a regular basis.




    • Prevention, avoidance, escape and evasion in an attack situation
    • Dealing with throws and falls in all directions and angles
    • Attacks and counterattacks performed to all targets while taking into account distances, ranges, heights, angles, directions and rhythms, executed from all positions and postures
    • Use of common objects in your vicinity for defensive purposes
    • Defences against all unarmed attacks: punches, strikes and kicks
    • Releases from grabs and holds
    • Defences against all armed attacks and threats, including knife and sharp objects, sticks, bars and other blunt objects, as well as different types of firearms
    • Dealing with attacks from all possible directions, postures and places; single or multiple attackers; confined and open areas (eg, staircase, car, alley, etc); different types of terrain, in water; while standing, on the move, sitting down; while lying on your back, side or face down
    • Physical and mental control
    • Disarming of weapons


Krav Maga (History)


Krav Maga was originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) in the 1940s for the Israeli Defence Forces – it continues to be advanced and modified today by KMG Chief Instructor Eyal Yanilov and a team of Global instructors.  Using a unique logical approach, self-defence techniques have been modified for civilian use.  Krav Maga is also used by law-enforcement officers, military personnel, security officers, antiterrorists groups, air-marshals and special and commando units around the world.