Instructors Course

KMG General Instructor Course (GIC)

All Certified KMG Instructors have undergone comprehensive training by completing our General Instructors Course.  Through an extensive, multi-stage program, the GIC develops Krav Maga skills, techniques and tactics, and combines them with teaching know-how and highly advanced training methods and processes. The course is conducted in countries all over the world, including Ireland. Divided into three phases of applied learning over 180 hours (24 days), the KMG GIC is renowned for being the most comprehensive Krav Maga Instructor certification programme in the world today, delivered by our team of highly experience Global Team of Instructors.

Completing the GIC

Successful completion of the course depends on meeting specific criteria at the end of each stage, including theoretical, technical and tactical examinations (according to the KMG official curriculum), as well as practical application of the learned teaching skills. A Krav Maga Global Graduate-level diploma and an Instructors Diploma, signed by KMG Head Instructor, Master Eyal Yanilov, is awarded upon the successful completion of the course.

KMG Ireland Instructor Candidates in Training (2015)

What Happens Next?

Instructor education does not finish with the GIC, to retain their instructor qualification, KMG instructors must complete regular instructor updates and continuous professional development to ensure their Krav Maga skills and coaching knowledge are at the highest possible level. After completing the GIC, instructors have the opportunity to develop their skills further by taking part in KMG further instructor education courses in areas such as VIP protection, combat mindset conditioning and fighting skills