Your Training Licence


KMG IRELAND promotes a professional and safe approach to Krav Maga training in all our clubs throughout the country. In order to regulate training, KMG IRELAND requires any person training in Krav Maga with a KMG IRELAND affiliate club to obtain a training licence.

Your training licence is renewed annually and gives the following benefits:

  • Membership to KMG IRELAND with full access to book onto any KMG Grading nationwide*
  • Proof of full Public Liability Insurance for training within your local club and with members from other Krav Maga clubs at National Grading
  • Personal Accident cover for the unlikely yet possible event of personal injury
  • Unique Identifier number to track where you are training and your experience should you move between KMG clubs.

Your local Krav Maga school will also use the licence as a ‘class access’ card to ensure that everybody in your class is registered with KMG IRELAND.

*a six month time frame between each grade is necessary


In order to track your progression throughout your Krav Maga career, a KMG Grading Passport is also available and will be needed prior to your first grading. Within your passport you will record the following:

  • Your success at each grade you pass and the grading examiner
  • Your attendance at any Krav Maga workshops, seminars or short courses
  • Your attendance at any training events in Israel